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18 Jun
Safer Recruitment Training
Course objectives: • Understand the principles of safer recruitment • Understand the context and impact of the Bichard Enquiry, Report and Recommendations • Understand how to deter, identify and reject unsafe candidates through the application of safer recruitment best practice • Understand how the statutory duty of care towards pupils impacts on the requirement to apply safer recruitment best practice • Understand the legislative framework and statutory guidance that underpins safer recruitment • Have an basic understanding of offender behaviour • Have an understanding of safeguarding as it applies to recruitment procedures • Have an understanding of allegations and allegations management • Have an understanding of safe and unsafe practices and risk assessment • Understanding the costs and benefits of sound recruitment decision making • Have safer recruitment principles and procedures set in a Lambeth context
19 Jun
FREE GOVERNORS' BRIEFING: An Introduction to the Prevent Duty for Governors
This course will provide an understanding of the roles of governors and senior leaders in supporting and promoting the Prevent legal duty, including: • Recognising vulnerabilities towards radicalisation and making referrals. • Working in Partnership – how best to work with local partners and the community to build resilience for young people in your school and the borough. • Developing Formal and informal curriculum – building children’s resilience to radicalisation, embedding British Values in your curriculum and outline of resources on offer. • Developing policies and risk assessments. • Ensuring staff are equipped to recognise vulnerabilities. • Further resources and support available.
21 Jun
Specialist Prevent Training - Designated Safeguarding Leads
- Tips & Guidance for leading Prevent in your school - Tools & Resources to build resilience amongst your students - Training on how Prevent issues fit into the different LSCB tiers of need, using case studies
24 Jun
Getting it Right as a Staff Governor
This course is built around the challenges and difficulties that staff governors may face and provides suggestions about how you could tackle these effectively and sympathetically whilst maintaining your role. The course includes: • The context in which staff governors work – the expectations and responsibilities • Why we have staff governors. Do you have a particular role on the Governing Body? • Are you a representative? The relationship between staff governors and school staff. • Are there any “no go” areas of work? • The relationship with other governors and parents – complaints and problems. • Your relationship with the Headteacher. • Reporting back decisions of the governing body and confidentiality • What should you do if you disagree with a decision of the Governing Body? The course will be based mainly around a discussion of issues and provides an opportunity to exchange experiences and raise issues.
25 Jun
Taking Headteacher Appraisal Seriously
This course looks at ways in which the appraisal process could be reviewed and improved. We will consider: • The roles of Boards, Headteachers and external advisers in the review – historic approaches, who does what and the pros and cons of various arrangements. • How to ensure that objectives are realistic, achievable, robust, reflect strategic aims and priorities – as well as supporting the Headteacher. • Measuring performance – “hard” data and “soft” evidence. What does success look like and how do you know it has been achieved? • Appraisal and professional development. • Appraisal outcomes and pay. • Policy review
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